What to Wear on Thanksgiving

By Alternative
November 12, 2018

Feast in Comfort

Buttered rolls. Deviled eggs. And not one, not two, but three pumpkin desserts. No, jeans won’t cut it. But soft basics with plenty of stretch? Solid. Check out our cozy Turkey Day picks -- and pile your plate sky high.  



All Eco-Teddy

After so much feasting, you’ll be ready to doze off into a turkey coma. Nothing says naptime like our Eco-Teddy Joggers and Eco-Teddy Champ Sweatshirt, both brushed heavily for a heavenly feel. Plus, that ribbed waistband means you can snack on leftovers between Zzzs.

Vintage Vibes

Sure, you’ll feel a bit sluggish after that meal. But there’s nothing a good round of hoops can’t fix. Channel your inner MVP in our retro Ringer Tee, made from buttery Eco-Jersey. Sleepy? Let those Dodgeball Eco-Teddy Pants take you from the court -- straight to the couch.

Comfy Extras

You’ve got your stretchy pants. A cozy top. It's time for a few extras. Scoop up a pair of Richer Poorer Crew Socks, perfect for sliding across the hallway -- because wine. And don't forget a soft Richer Poorer Bralette that’ll stay put all day. Now there’s something to be thankful for.

So, you ready for all that food? Us too.



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