Sustainable Softness: A Look at the G2 Eco-Wash

By Alternative
March 19, 2014


Since the beginning, the hallmark of an Alternative garment has been its softness. Our design and development teams are on a constant quest to find the best ways to achieve this emblematic trait across our line, and do it responsibly using methods that align with our commitment to sustainability. The G2 Eco-Wash fits the bill in every way, reducing water waste and chemical use in the finishing and aging of garments to produce a broken-in, soft feel.

Developed by Jeanologia, a research and development center based in Spain servicing the garment industry, the G2 is a specialized all-in-one washing machine that uses “ozone technology” to transform air from the atmosphere into a blend of active oxygen and ozone called plasma. (The G2 in its name refers to the two gases, oxygen and ozone, that serve as a substitute for water.) The plasma is used in combination with water to wash garments and produce an aging effect. Washing with atmosphere reduces chemical, water and energy usage during the process, resulting in a 60% savings in energy and water over traditional finishing methods. Once the process is completed, the plasma is then converted back into purified air before being returned to the atmosphere.


3.18.14_social17366 G2 Eco - Wash fading and wear-in process.
Dark = 5 minute wash, Medium = 20 minute wash, Light = 30 minute wash

This spring, Alternative introduced men’s and women’s styles in 100% cotton chambray and oxford, two woven fabrics more traditionally associated with crisp structure. We employed the G2 Eco-Wash to impart the soft hand most commonly associated with our knit pieces, putting the Alternative spin on new button ups, dresses, tops and skirts that bring an expanded point of view to our Spring collection.

The G2 Eco-Wash is just one tool that we’ve encountered in our search for sustainable softness. Through discovery and innovation, we’re committed to challenging ourselves to find ways to improve our processes and products in all phases, from thread to finish.

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Written by Rachel Maniago

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