Sustainable Denim: AGOLDE

By Alternative
December 14, 2015

We recently toured the Citizens warehouse in LA where all Citizens of Humanity, Goldsign and AGOLDE jeans are manufactured and were impressed, to say the least. From the start of the design process to the end garment, there is an unbelievable amount of time and handwork that goes into each pair of jeans. The team uses everything from lasers to sandblasting to achieve the right wash. Additional tools, such as chloride paste, resin and sandpaper, are used to create the right amount of distress and wrinkles. However, what makes the jeans even more special in our eyes is the sustainability factor.6_Stone WashCropCitizens is actively looking for ways to transform the denim production process to create more environmentally friendly and socially conscious methods. Their new G2 Washed By The Atmosphere laundry system uses air to reproduce ozone gas conditions, giving garments an ‘outdoor usage’ look using less water and energy. Thereby, eliminating the need for toxic production processes, such as bleaching. This allows for conservation of time, energy, and water and reduces chemicals and pollution. Citizens’ laundry/dye machine system provides 50% more loading allowance along with 70% less water, chemicals, heating energy, waste water, 40% less electricity and 20% dye.That’s not all, even their laser is enabling more eco-friendly processes. The laser creates abrasion and contrast effects by marking denim when it is rigid and burning the fabric to achieve destruction effects. The process requires almost no manual handling and ensures safe, fair and ethical working conditions for employees.4_LaserIn 2016, the team plans on utilizing new sustainable materials, including eco-friendly and recycled yarns, organic cotton and fiber alternatives, such as Tencel and Crailar flax.

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