Stress-Free Summer Style

By Jess Hunt-Ralston
June 20, 2018
As the mercury rises and spring breezes give way to another summer in Atlanta, I’m taking a break from soaking up the sun to sit down with my closet for a seasonal assessment. Flannel shirts and cozy sweaters are packed away, and soft linen and cotton pieces are back in rotation. With a few fresh ideas, I’m starting the new season with stress-free style.

Consider Color

While my winter months are mostly spent in shades of white, olive, black, and grey, spring and summer call for a little bit more color. Instead of buying lots of dresses and tops in bold prints and saturated hues, I like to pick out one or two bright pieces to mix in with staples like sustainable denim. A straw hat and a few vintage floral-print silk scarves are another easy way to add a pop of color.



Be Cool

Keep your cool by dressing in light-colored, loose clothes made of natural fibers. Breathable cotton will keep you much cooler than purely synthetic materials, which can trap sweat and body heat against your skin.



Lists For Less

I used to spend many hours (and more money) each summer shopping for new clothes. And while I’d often come home with armfuls of new outfits, most of the pieces in my closet didn’t work well across my wardrobe. Cleaning out my closet for good, creating a wardrobe inventory, and asking, “Who made my clothes?” helped me whittle my closet from a mélange of individual outfits into a curated collection of clothes that all work together. Today, I rarely shop without first creating a list of what I really want — and need — to wear throughout the season, and I always try to consider how new pieces fit in with everything else in my closet.

Today, I rarely shop without first curating a list of what I really want — and need — to wear throughout the season, and I always try to consider how new pieces fit in with everything else in my closet”


Keep It Simple

Summer is a time for relaxation, celebration, and comfort. When in doubt, I like to opt for a classic cotton tee paired with a fitted blazer and skinny jeans or grab a super-soft pastel tank to wear with broken-in denim shorts or a frothy silk skirt.



Be Free

Freshening up your threads ahead of a new season doesn’t have to cost anything. Try shopping your existing closet and restyling older pieces with newer accessories, reworking less-worn pieces or hosting a clothes swap with friends and family. Try to save your budget for hardworking pieces you’ll wear often and across more than one season each year.

Jess Hunt-Ralston is a woman on the go. Between bicycle commutes, board meetings, sustainable style blogging and exploring Atlanta and beyond, she honors a “less is more” philosophy by maintaining a tightly curated wardrobe that keeps up with her daily schedule and weekend adventures.

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