STATE: Going Beyond the Bag

By Alternative
August 15, 2016

We're constantly looking for brands that not only compliment our products but also whose core values align with our own, and we're so excited to add STATE Bags to our roster of Brands We Love! More than just a giveback concept, STATE Bags hand delivers backpacks filled with school supplies to American children in need and does so at motivational rallies to take it a step further. Here is Scot, co-founder of STATE Bags, telling his story in his own words.

When my wife Jacq and I launched STATE Bags over three years ago, we said from the very beginning that we would always commit to going a step further in every aspect of the business. 


We were bent on breaking away from the backpack...pack. Our product had to one-up the others and wow our customers. Jacq's insane eye for color, rare fabrics and commitment to quality drove everything she did - and continues to do - while building the actual bags from scratch. 


We also wouldn't just create another one-for-one company. We would look to build upon the model so that when we donated bags to American kids in need, we'd go beyond just dropping them off at schools, nonprofit organizations or homeless shelters, but we'd actually throw a party for these kids. A motivational rally mixed with an educational workshop blended with a dance party all in one. 


These bag drop donation events could very easily be carried out with just a DJ and maybe some signage, but it was crucial to Jacq and I that kids would walk away with more than just a new, fully-stocked backpack. Our work in these communities made it clear that what was more vital than material goods were role model figures. Individuals who have grown up in similar, challenging environments and could tell their stories of how they've successfully risen from them. Child development specialists who would inspire kids to make the better choices, to believe in themselves and their future and to beat the odds that are often stacked against them. Thus, we built out the team of STATE PackMen and PackWomen as the proud faces of our GiveBackPack Program


So as the Summer 2016 STATE Rocs the Nation Tour embarks this back to school season where we'll be donating over 30,000 backpacks to kids in high need communities across the US, we thought, "how can we go a step further in our bag drop gear?" Enter Alternative Apparel. We are so thrilled that not only will our product be sold in their stores and online, but they'll be gearing up our PackMen/Women with a brand new look. 

Because when you're a celebrity and you're busy autographing bags, you gotta look good doing it...and now, they will! 


Show us how you do good by following @STATEbags & @alternativeapparel and tagging #givebackpack & #wearalternative, and you could win a State Bag filled with $250 worth of Alternative. Don't forget to check out our selection of STATE Bags guilt-free, knowing that you'll make a real impact with every purchase.



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