Staff Picks: Vol 13

By Alternative
April 9, 2018

How we wear our favorites

We love our soft basic apparel, just as much as you do! So much, that we thought it be great to share how we style our Alternative favorites.

Meet Heather

Creative Director

Years at Alternative: 6

Her fave: Vintage Ringer Tee

I just love the vintage look and it’s also fun to style. I mostly wear neutrals so the black/white look is classic for me.
Alternative Ringer Tee

Heather was a dancer for 16 years but traded that in for a career in design. She makes it a point to borrow design inspo from her favorite vintage shops and is our resident DJ at photoshoots.

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Check out out a couple other of Heather's faves:

Meet Zac

Inventory Data Specialist

Years at Alternative: 9

His fave: Postgame Washed Slub Crew Tee

I love the fit, and it’s a great tee for dealing with the brutal Atlanta summers, but still a great base when it’s time to layer.
Wearing Alternative Postgame Slub

Don’t challenge Zac to any kind of Pro-wrestling trivia - you’ll lose. When he’s not dropping knowledge, he’s finding a new nature trail to explore with his 3 admittedly misbehaved dogs.

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Meet Leigh

HR Manager

Years at Alternative: 9

Her fave: Stevie Wrap

It’s the first thing I bought when I started at Alternative over 9 years ago. Better with wear, the Stevie is the perfect companion piece when traveling.
How to style Alternative Stevie Wrap

Leigh answers to crazy cat lady, so don’t get on her bad side. For fun, she loves to ride shotty on her husband’s motorcycle. She’s been all the way down to Key West and up to Nova Scotia without breaking a sweat. She’s an identical twin but don’t worry, no Parent Trap manipulation with Leigh.

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Styling tips for the Stevie wrap:

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