Pack Your Bags (Essentials Edition)

By Alternative
October 1, 2018

You smile down at your squares of neatly folded shorts and shirts. Then it hits you -- you’re missing a few essentials. Don’t worry. We got you. Pick up our travel pieces, perfect for wherever your trip takes you.


Winding rivers. And those wildflowers. With a view like that, you don’t need much more. But, hey, come nighttime our Eco-Jersey™ Zip Hoodie will definitely come in handy. It’s layer-worthy and comfortable as can be. Headed out for a hike? Pack it into your Slim Backpack for easy carry.
eco-zip-hoodieslim backpack
10.1 Plan Your Next Vacation_BP_V2_R1You can’t lay around in a bikini all day. Just kidding, of course you can. That sun, though. Slip on our Muscle Cotton T-Shirt and toss a stick of Mayron’s Sun Stuff into your beach bag. Its light coconut scent will put you in the mood for piña coladas – plural. C’mon, treat yourself. It’s vacation.
10.1 Plan Your Next Vacation_BP_V3_R1
Traveling’s cool and all, but so is watching Netflix for a week at a friend’s. Get cozy with a warm blanket like the Linus Eco-Fleece Throw for those A/C breezes. And pack a pair of our Slow Vintage Joggers, because that fold-over waistband is everything. There, now you’re ready to lounge – hard.

Where are you headed?

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