Made In Atlanta: Edition 003 | King of Pops

By Alternative
May 24, 2017

Edition 003 of our "Made in Atlanta" collaboration series with Switchyards Downtown Club brought brothers and King of Pops Co-Founders Steven and Nick Carse to the hot seat. With questions ready and popsicles in hand, attendees were well prepared to hear King of Pops' brand story and the nitty gritty of building a business. The brothers explained how they both had plans for their lives that didn't involve running a popsicle empire, but now, looking back, they can't see themselves doing anything else. Moral of their story: if you have a dream or an idea, go after it and see where it takes you. Also, like who you work with.




"Made in Atlanta" is a monthly series of speaking events sponsored by us along with SDC where entrepreneurs and up-and-coming startups can hear the brand journeys of bigger, Atlanta-based brands. Each event's attendants receive a unique Alternative t-shirt, designed specifically for each event. All photos by Jason Seagle for SDC.


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