Introducing the Made in Atlanta Series 001 | The Bitter Southerner

By Alternative
February 22, 2017

As a company rooted in Atlanta, we love finding ways to collaborate with other Atlanta-based brands. That’s why we’re partnering with Switchyards Downtown Club to bring the “Made in Atlanta” event series for Atlanta-based brands, by Atlanta-based brands.

Switchyards Downtown Club is an inspiring hub where entrepreneurial creatives grow startups and consumer-focused companies. Each month, Made in Atlanta will highlight a different company and its story: how it was created, the ups and downs of starting a business and the nitty gritty that isn't often discussed.


After Made in Atlanta’s first edition on 1.26 featuring the Bitter Southerner, the audience walked away with a fresh sense of entrepreneurial courage. Next up, on February 23rd, SweetWater Brewing Company’s Vice President of Culture and Creative, Steve Farace, will tell the brand story of Atlanta’s largest and most recognizable independent brewery.

We'll feature a different brand each month along with a limited-edition Made in Atlanta tee for all attendees. See you at SDC!


Photos by SDC member Jason Seagle.

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