Cozy Costumes for Halloween

By Brit Hege
October 21, 2018

This is Halloween...

Itchy tulle. Scratchy wigs. Some costumes are so uncomfortable, by 10 p.m. you’re ready to pop on your PJ’s. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Build your costume around our basics for the coziest Halloween ever.

10.22 DIY Halloween_Blog_Mime_R1_v2Sometimes you just wanna skip the chit-chat and head straight for the snacks. When you’re a mime, that’s OK. Just maybe drop a “Pulling an Imaginary Rope” move every now and then. Or make something up – our Spandex Jersey Leggings are stretchy enough for whatever you bust out. And that Striped Eco-Jersey Crew – cozy enough to pass out on the couch.


10.22 DIY Halloween_Blog_Waldo_R1_v2While you probably won’t be the only Waldo at the party, you’ll be the coziest – for sure. Center your costume around our Ideal Striped Eco-Jersey Tee for a spot-on look and top it off with our red Londoner Beanie. And when you do finally spy another Waldo, you’ll already have your camera handy to snap a pic. How perfect is that?


10.22 DIY Halloween_Blog_Charlie_R1_v2

He’s a little insecure. A bit self-conscious. And 100% relatable. In a sea of Sexy Maids and Policemen, this costume will be a breath of fresh air. Plus, you’ll get to rock our super-soft Victory Burnout French Terry Shorts all night long. No doubt the whole Peanuts gang would approve of those and that Outsider Heavy Wash Jersey Tee – even Lucy.


10.22 DIY Halloween_Blog_Am Summer_R1_v2

Someone’s gotta bring the humor – and the BBQ sauce. This Camp Firewood-inspired costume does the trick. Start with a tiny pair of ‘70s running shorts (the tighter the better). And top it off with a vintage shirt, like our Keeper Vintage Jersey Ringer or our Vintage Jersey Cami Tank for the ladies. Their soft jersey fabric is perfect for drifting off into a candy coma. 

Got a cozy costume of your own?
Let’s hear it.

Brittany Hege is a freelance writer from ATL. When not at her desk (couch, really), she's out camping or watching re-runs of Arrested Development – it's kind of her jam.

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