ATeeL: Meet Andrew Catanese

By Alternative
November 27, 2017

Alternative x Arts ATL x Fallen Arrows

We've always considered our tees to be a canvas, and now, they are..literally. We've teamed up with ArtsATL and Fallen Arrows to bring you exclusive, limited-edition tees designed by local Atlanta artists. 


The artist behind our November tee is Andrew Catanese - an Atlanta-based visual artist whose work references mythological narratives as allegories for the South. His dense, tapestry-like images are populated with figures-in-disguise caught in moments of violence and intimacy.


Drawing heavily from literature, biblical narratives and classical myth, Andrew's paintings act as refutations of tribalism and violence; professing an intense desire for more empathy.



A limited amount of tees will be released on the last Tuesday of every month - be sure to check back for the next artist/design!


Photos by Chris Burden.

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