4 Tips for a Green Closet

By Alternative
April 19, 2016

Sustainable practices aren’t a fad but rather a lifestyle, and having a green closet includes more than just responsible shopping. Attempting to transition your closet into a green one can be a daunting, so we’ve identified tips that can make your closet healthier in no time.

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Clean Green

The one thing most people don’t take into consideration when thinking about their closets are the products they use for washing their clothes. Take a closer look at labels to ensure that brands claiming their products as “green”, “organic” or “natural” really are. Not big on doing your own laundry? Don't be afraid to ask your local cleaners about their practices.

Recycle & Re-style

While trends are constantly shifting in the fashion industry, find ways to re-work pieces you already own rather than purchasing new items. Even during season changes, layer existing pieces and use new accessories to freshen your look. For example, try styling a dress as a tunic by adding pants or leggings or throw a top on top of a dress utilizing it as a skirt. Additionally, find a good tailor and consider altering pieces that you love but haven’t been wearing instead of getting rid of them completely. Get creative.

Quality over Quantity

Remember, less is more. Purchase with intention to create a sustainable wardrobe. Invest in fewer quality pieces that are versatile and have longevity to make sure your closet stands the test of time. If you can't think of three different ways to wear an item, maybe it's not the best fit.

Shop Sustainable Brands

Shop brands whose ethics align with your own. Research and dig into business practices. Are they using sustainable or organic materials? Are they transparent about their production? What is their effect on the environment? Are they practicing fair labor laws? Are they giving back to their community?

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