Wash With Care

By Brit Hege
January 30, 2019

Our Top Laundry Tips


From hoodies to dresses, we designed it all to only get better – and softer – with time. And while they won’t last forever *tear drop*, a few small moves can keep your faves lookin’ new. Like you just slipped them on for the very first time.




You thought you made it through that chicken parm – marinara free. But an hour later, you find a red speck on your tee, and no time to treat it. All good, just mark the spot with a clothespin, so you’ll remember next load. Then stock up on some back-ups, like our Kimber Slinky Jersey Tee. It’s got just the right amount of hug.



Sort It Out

It’s tempting to dump everything in the wash, but mixing can bring mixed results. Some garment-dyed pieces, like our Keeper Slub Tee, are best washed separately. Wouldn’t want those rich pigments rubbing off. Sorting also ensures that come drying time, one piece won’t be nuked, while the rest are still wet.



Button Up

Yeah, it takes an extra sec, but buttoning up those bottoms is worth it. That way, they won’t get stuck on your sweatshirt – or worse, your favorite midi dress. Same thing goes for zippers. Or you could skip them all together, and load up on Eco-Fleece Joggers. They’re tie-front and cozier than any pair of jeans we’ve put on.



Take It Easy

Here’s the big one – detergent. Overdoing it can age your faves like no other. The extra detergent strips them of their pigment. Instead, try using half your usual amount, plus half a cup of baking soda. And for fabric softener, give distilled white vinegar a go. It’ll keep those vibrant, yet approachable colors you love, looking true. 




That’s it, guys.

Follow these and your made-to-last faves will last even longer.



Brittany Hege is a freelance writer from ATL. When not at her desk (couch, really), she's out camping or watching re-runs of Arrested Development – it's kind of her jam.

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